Electrical Problems – oulets, receptacles, plugs – not working

20 10 2010

We frequently receive calls from homeowners for electrical problems which most people could remedy themselves. At Cooper Electric we do our best to walk our customers through these basic troubleshooting steps over the phone.

This eliminates any unnecessay expenses that would have resulted in sending an electrician out to their homes. Knowing these basic situations will help save you money.

Here are some common electrical problems and possible situations/solutions you should check before calling Cooper Electric:

Electrical Problem: Wall Outlets (receptacles) are not working.

1. Some outlets are controlled by a wall switch.
Is the switch on? (Especially in living rooms. Note: Only 1/2 of a duplex receptacle, either top or bottom, may be controlled by the switch)

2. Has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter tripped?
GFI’s are outlets with black and red buttons in the middle. (Especially in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, garages, basements)

3. Has the circuit breaker tripped or a fuse blown, in your electrical panel?
It may be difficult to visually check a tripped circuit breaker. Flip the circuit breaker handle all the way to the “off” position, then all the way to the “on” to reset it. Caution: It might trip immediately if there is a serious problem!

CAUTION: Remember that each year in the United States, over 53,333 fires and 400 deaths will result from unsafely modified electrical installations.

Have a qualified electrical contractor do you work. Be safe.



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