Electrician roots in Wyoming Ohio

20 10 2010

John Cooper the founder of our company raised his family on Stout Avenue in Wyoming. His grand daughter recently purchased a home in the neighborhood, and has begun the process of renovating. We were asked by Kevin, John’s son, to look at some electrical projects at her “new” Wyoming residence. As with many older homes there typically is not electricity existing in the ceilings of these homes. Adding wiring for a ceiling fan in a bedroom and adding additional circuits for outlets in other rooms is a typical scope of work for projects that we perform residentially. Modern conveniences of electronics and they way we utilize electricity in homes has changed since homes in Wyoming were built many years ago, but we have experience, working in these types of older homes for a long time now.

Local Flavor:
Gabby’s Cafe, owned by Dino DiStasi, is a nice place to catch a bite to eat, and the Lasagna is second to none. We’ve had them cater our lunches before and it has been excellent.